Questions & Answers about Burial Vaults

What are the NCBVA standards for burial vaults?

The NCBVA defines a concrete burial vault as a lined and sealed burial receptacle constructed using materials to increase the strength (5,000 PSI minimum) and to reduce the risk of the intrusion of exterior elements.


Who has the best burial vault?

The best premium-category Wilbert vault is the Wilbert Bronze® with triple-reinforced protection. It is unique as it is constructed of 9,000 PSI concrete.


What is the difference between a grave liner and a vault?

A grave liner is designed and built only to support the weight of the earth and standard cemetery equipment.


Do you have to put a casket in a vault?

Most cemeteries do require that the casket be placed into an outer burial container, whether a graveliner or a Wilbert burial vault.


What is the purpose of a vault for a casket?

A Wilbert vault protects the casket from the weight of the earth and cemetery equipment and helps safeguard the casket against the intrusion of water, insects or other natural elements.


How long does a concrete burial vault last?

Wilbert burial vaults come with warranties ranging from 50 to 100 years against the entrance of water or any element found in the soil in which it is interred, provided that it is properly sealed by the manufacturer or a representative of the manufacturer.

Where do I buy a burial vault near me?

Wilbert Greenville offers burial services and burial products like vaults, urn vault, urns, caskets and monuments to 10 counties in upstate South Carolina.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about burial vaults, urn vaults, or caskets.